Kids Scholastic Foundation Of Alabama has a main focus to provide school supplies to kids in need and teachers in low income school areas. Our goal is to help improve the education process by providing the necessary school supplies and books to ensure educational excellence. We will provide stationary to teachers who qualify for our program when these items are available. Our program will serve grades K-12. Value is placed on education and giving support to kids who are disadvantaged due to economics, family crisis or natural disaster. Our focus is to get needed school supplies in the hands of kids and teachers in the Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Our goal is to help more than 200 k-12 disadvantaged students from public and home schools in the Birmingham and surrounding area with free after school assessment and practice in math and language arts. Kids will be provided computers to use at home and will earn these computers through 52 participation hours of practice on learning sites. This will help us to continue to provide greatly needed educational assistance to children in the Birmingham and surrounding area. This program will help kids practice phonics, increase math skills, and bridge the gap for learning through a specially designed curriculum to bring the student up to their grade level in reading and math.These kids will be helped throughout their education with school supplies, computers, books, learning aids, savings and financial advice, college test prep materials specifically SAT/ACT, Law test prep, scholarship, and resources to obtain college funding. We will continue to grow on a national level as funds permit.