Test For Success Program

Kids Scholastic Foundation Of Alabama is introducing The Test For Success Program which is embarking upon an ambitious effort to dramatically scale up its efforts  to help more students get into college. As part of this new extension model, we are partnering with the eKnowledge™ Donation Project and low income schools to provide low income students and students through out Alabama with support to prepare for college. Through this collective impact model, Kids Scholastic Foundation Of Alabama will aid low income students in college preparation.

The Test For Success Program aims to provide low income high school students in and around Birmingham, Alabama, including rural areas, access to an interactive SAT and ACT test preparation program.  We will also offer access to a math tutoring software that will help students bridge math  gaps.  This software will cover math up to algebra I.  Students will have access to this math software for 3 months to help them prepare for the math component on the SAT/ACT tests.   The cost for each student to participate in the program will be 40.00.  We feel that all Alabama students should have this program.

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